Active Registered Voters as of 07/22/2014
Democratic: 303,334
Republican: 242,674
Other: 209,648
Total: 755,656

Election Information


2014 Election Dates:

Primary Election: August 26, 2014
General Election: November 4, 2014

Poll Watchers - If you would like to designate poll watchers for the upcoming Primary or General Election, please complete form DS-DE 125, Poll Watcher Designation, and return to our office. The deadline to submit designation forms is noon of the second Tuesday preceding the election.

Campaign Signs - For information regarding where campaign signs can be posted in Hillsborough County and the three municipalities, please reference the Campaign Signs Information Sheet.

100’ No Solicitation Zone Maps - 100’ No Solicitation Zone Maps for every early voting polling site can be found here:



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